Three demands…

The UK Extinction Rebellion group has three core demands:

1) Tell the truth
The government must tell the truth about the scale of the ecological crisis by declaring a climate emergency, “working with other groups and institutions to communicate the urgent need for change”.

2) Net zero emissions by 2025
The UK must drastically cut its greenhouse gas emissions, hitting net zero by 2025.

3) Citizens’ assembly
The government must create a citizens’ assembly to hear evidence and devise policy to tackle the climate crisis. Citizens’ assemblies bring together ordinary people to investigate, discuss and make recommendations on how to respond, in this case, to the ecological emergency.

It is important to realize the scale of the mass extinction taking place and the inertia of governments. There are huge vested interests in industry, in investment and in commerce to shut this down in favor of short-term profit. We have to be very clear about where we are going collectively and for this we need (1) Truth (2) Radically lower emissions (3) Assemblies to help us work at the citizen level to assess the best way forward for the many, not the few.

Screenshot of Guardian Newspaper article respectfully shared. Thanks to the Guardian for its reporting on the Rebellion.

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