Signing for plastic-free UK supermarkets

A powerful new petition launched by Greenpeace UK aims to encourage all UK supermarkets to go plastic-free. This is a hugely important petition and if you have not yet signed, please do.

I am aware that 80% of my own non-recyclable household waste comes from single-use wrappings for fruits and veggies. There are many ways of avoiding this, as Lidl has shown with its reusable fruit and veggie bags.

Each step we take to remove single-use plastic from our lives is a threefold virtuous cycle
(a) less plastic used means less plastic can find its way back into the oceans
(b) since plastics are hydrocarbons we are also reducing fossil fuel dependency
(c) less plastic going back into landfill sites

If you would like to join us, please click here for access to the petition.

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