No one is too small…

This is the book that really got me thinking about what each of us can do as individuals.

Climate change is a huge subject and yes – stand on a motorway bridge on a Friday afternoon and look at the six or eight lanes gridlocked. All that CO2 being released! And this is just one day in the week. It is perhaps not surprising that we feel disempowered when we look at sights like this.

One of the keys to change is quantification.

If I drive 10 miles each day, I will drive 70miles in a week. If I hold that figure in my head, and then see how, for example, I might share a lift two days a week, we can see how easy it is to reduce that 70 miles to 50 miles. This is a 30% reduction in my solo-driving. Imagine that now we globalize this, and EVERYONE manages to reduce their driving by this amount. It is obvious that we can make a huge change in our energy balance. This is just one small example.

As I play with these ideas, I realize that there are many powerful techniques available for leveraging change on a much larger scale but these all begin with simple individual actions.

The sooner we begin to look at our behaviors, quantify the resources we are using, and then work out ways to reduce our footprint we will find our way to a better path. Obviously one single person making such a change alone is a drop in the ocean.

But when thousands and then millions globalize these behaviors, the difference will be felt by all. 

It is up to us.

Let’s do it!

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