My carbon offset

Whilst I am very keen to reduce my annual mileage, I have taken the initiative to carbon-offset my own travel miles. I have not flown for several years and I will, at the start of each October, offset my road travel allowance by supporting green projects and Verified Carbon Standard projects.

Whilst my primary goal is to reduce my annual mileage, I so encourage everyone with a vehicle to think about carbon offsetting. Whilst this does not justify extra road miles, it is an important step, to offset what CO2 we are emitting. A first step is to use the journey tracker each week and see how much you are driving. This gives a baseline from which we can then work out which weeks we are driving more, which weeks we are driving less.

The next step is to see if we can replace some journeys, do car share, take public transport and, of course, walk for shorter journeys.

If you would like to join me in offsetting your own carbon footprint, use this link to below and contribute today. Whilst this is truly a small step, it is a hugely important one!

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