Free oats of extra packagings

We always used to pop a cup full of porridge oats in with a cup and a half of milk and water, heat and that was it. Apparently the Quaker brand has created a special packaging so you can now have a mini-packet which also serves to measure out the liquid necessary for your porridge. I thought we had jugs or mugs to measure things out!

We truly, truly, truly, don’t need these extra packagings… so if you are a regular fan of porridge, please use the old oats on the right-hand image that come in a box you can then compost. And not the image on the left, below, that comes with 20 sachets inside!!!

Thanks to Milenne who brought this to my attention!

One thought on “Free oats of extra packagings

  1. Thank you for posting this. Yes, there is absolutely no need for the extra packaging . We can always measure the ways we have always done , by eye or using a jug.
    It is also important to point out that the sachets are not recyclable either since they contain a layer of plastic as they are designed for measuring the liquid.
    I will definitely never buy sachets again and will continue to buy rolled oats big box. It is also cheaper as you are not paying for the extra packaging .

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