Camping stove

About 10% of UK homes (2.5 million) have an open fire or wood-burning stove. These are generally used for heating a central room or living area.

Whilst some have a back boiler, giving hot water at the same time as it heats the boat, the cost of installation is excessive, to say the least. Reflecting upon the various solutions, I realized that by simply placing a 3L camping kettle on the stove, I can heat between 3 and 9L of water in an evening without any bother at all. Last night I tried this Robbens White River Camping kettle, and it works brilliantly. It is tall and narrow rather than a typical wide-bottom kettle. It heats really fast, and last night I had hot water for my washing up, and then more hot water to take a shower with after too.

The aim of this hot-water hack is to reduce my dependency on an immersion heater which runs on electricity from the land-line and incidentally heats way more water than I actually need.

With 10% of UK homes having a wood-burner of some description, I do wonder how many use the stove to heat water? You can heat a small quantity for a cuppa, run a Bialetti directly off the stove for coffee… and with a 3L camping stove, you have enough for washing-up and as I did, last night and then for a shower too. Another wonderful small-step to use less electricity.

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