A carafe of Wellness

The Wellness Carafe is not just about filtering the additives out of piped (industrial) water, it is about having water that is purer and better for our bodies – at the same time reducing the amount of single-use plastics that the spiralling mineral water industry distribute each and every day! 

Lets look at some statistics:

7.7 billion single-use plastic water bottles are consumed in the UK every year (The Guardian)

The UK Bottled Water Industry is worth more than £2.4bn per year (BritishBottledWater.Org)

In 2017, 19% of the UK population drank bottled water every day (Mintel Bottled Water Report) 

Production and transportation of the world’s demand for bottled water uses the equivalent of 160 million barrels of oil per year (TheNational.ae)

Bottled water makes up half of all plastic bottle waste in the Thames (London.gov.uk)

A wellness carafe enables us to save on all those plastic bottles. If you want clean, safe and refreshing water in a pitcher design, then the Wellness Carafe is ideal! The wellness carafe uses a multi-stage filter cartridge to purify the water and to remove chlorine and other harmful contaminants from your water. Pour tap water into the top of the Carafe and gravity will do the rest. In a few minutes, the bottom of the Carafe will be full of natural tasting water. If you want ice water you can pour a handful of ice in with the tap water or you can put it in the refrigerator. Like all Wellness Filter products, the Carafe’s multi-stage cartridge contains enhancement media for improved hydration, soluble minerals and negative ions. The Carafe includes one forty-gallon capacity filter. Additional filters available separately. A wellness carafe enables us to save on all those plastic bottles.

Whilst the filters are not cheap, they enable us to drink healthy de-contaminated water and to avoid sponsoring the single-use plastics industry.

For more information, you can visit Glasgow based Phox at: https://www.phoxwater.com/pages/about-us

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