3 billion birds missing…

According to the AAAS Science Magazine, about 3 billion birds have gone missing since the 1970s on the North American continent. This is hugely alarming.

Whilst I cannot directly impact the extinction taking place in the US, this reminds me that I can do one thing, which is to support my local birds. To do this, I have just put up a new bird feeder on a tree next to the herb garden. Winter feeding is extremely important for birds. Already long term forecasts are predicting weather temperatures down to -16°C for the UK in February March 2020, so anything we can do to put seeds and nuts out for the birds is a good thing.

It doesn’t take much to hang out a seed feeder. £5 of seeds goes a long way and it could mean survival for some of our feathered friends over the winter months. Help your local birds! Don’t let them add to the 3 billion!

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