16,455 steps…

One of the most important steps for me in my understanding of how I live was through purchasing a fitbit. I had no idea how much, or how little, I was walking each day. It was a revelation to understand where I was with my daily activity. 

According to the British Office for National Statistics: in 2014, more than 40% used cars for journeys of less than 2 miles that could just as easily be walked

Over two-fifths (42%) of people in Great Britain in 2014 agreed with the statement: ‘Many of the journeys of less than 2 miles that I now make by car I could just as easily walk’. Making short journeys by car causes more pollutants as catalytic converters designed to reduce these pollutants do not work effectively on trips under 5 miles.

Since April 2019, I have walked over 1000 miles, and these contribute to my health and are also miles not driven. 

Today all my town shopping is done on foot. I have a 2500 step walk to my local store, and an 8000 step walk if I walk into the center of Devizes from the Marina where I live.

Adding these journeys up, and by making the decision to ALWAYS walk to the store, I am able to improve my stamina, reduce my heart rate and not use any fossil fuels for my journeys. 

I would not have believed how much I could have walked these past six months – I owe this to my fitbit. The fitbit is one possible solution for those of us perhaps not engaged in an active exercise program where they know how much they are running, walking, cycling or swimming each week. Having an idea of our activity and then building on this is a great way to go. 

You might reply that a “fitbit” must be expensive. The answer is no. Mine cost me around £24. It is not the “fitbit” brand, but a Fitness Tracker HR, Activity Tracker Watch Heart Rate Monitor made by a company called Lintelek. It works perfectly and is efficient. I can highly recommend. 

If we all looked at the vehicle journeys we make of less than 2 miles and then walked these, this alone could take 40% of car journeys off the roads. Would that not be amazing? Try it! It works. Good for health. Good for reducing pollution. And good for our carbon footprints…

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